Sergi Studios Indianapolis Wedding Videography

Sergi Studios Wedding Videography

Ladies, here are some makup tips for your wedding day compliments of my friends Lori Boykin and Lauren Schneider. Merle Norman Indy is located in Castleton and Lori is the head makeup artist there.

I’ll be updating this post soon, but for now enjoy the video and tips from two very knowledgeable and passionate girls within the fashion and wedding industry.

Choosing your wedding artist is super important and you want to take it very seriously because this is your big day. Lori’s first recommendation is to research through Instagram and Facebook.

Lori also suggests looking for somebody that has a lot of experience. There are many people that say they do makeup these days, but you want somebody that has many years of experience and Lori has more than 36 years in the business.

Make sure on your big day they not only can do you, but also make sure that your artist can do mother of the bride, grandmother of the bride, bridesmaids etc. When you’re looking at somebody’s portfolio, you want to see not only just a one note kind of look like, but different maturity of ages, different looks, you know, can they do a natural look?

Can they do a little bit more dramatic look depending on what you’re wanting? Right.

That brings us to another tip, make sure you get one or two makeup trials. Likeability is another factor when researching your wedding day makeup artist.Do you like the artists that you know is doing your makeup? Are you vibing with her personality wise because you’re spending lots of time with them on the biggest day of your life and there’s going to be a lot of stress around you. Is it a

calming person? Is somebody that’s going to bring up your energy? Is it somebody that makes you feel beautiful that day? And I think that’s really huge.

Another great tip is just making sure that that person is reliable. Making sure that you book them ahead of time. If they’re popular, you’re going to want to make sure that you at least book them a year in advance. Having a backup makeup artists is a decent idea but hopefully you won’t have to resort to that.

This post will be updated soon.

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