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Discover the thrilling world of documentaries with Sergi Studios, where we transform reality into captivating storytelling. With over a decade of experience in Indiana’s film industry, we’re more than just filmmakers—we’re dedicated storytellers crafting engaging content that rivals any blockbuster. Our expertise ensures your documentary isn’t just informative but enthralling. From filming to editing, we bring your vision to life with unmatched skill and enthusiasm.

In today’s digital age, documentaries have become a sensation, offering viewers a unique glimpse into unexplored worlds. However, a great story can fall flat without skilled storytelling. That’s where we shine. Our commitment to excellence ensures your documentary resonates with audiences, leaving a lasting impact. With a focus on privacy and security, we safeguard your content, allowing you to collaborate with peace of mind.

Use Sergi Studios to embrace the narrative art. We realize that documentaries are about telling a narrative well and conveying its soul, not simply facts. We use YouTube and Netflix to our advantage to create engaging, educational, and global audience-grabbing content. We aim to produce a documentary that will be remembered long after the last frame is cut. Are you prepared to start your documentary? Get in touch with us right now to work with a group of enthusiastic filmmakers who are dedicated to realizing your vision. Our knowledge and commitment will ensure that your documentary enthralls viewers and endures throughout time.

Diverse Documentary Experiences Await

Personal Journey

Explore your innermost thoughts and feelings by watching our selection of documentaries about personal journeys. These documentaries provide an unparalleled insight into the human experience, showcasing everything from inspirational tales of love and determination to joyful stories of overcoming challenges.

Social Commentary

Experience the hot topics of the day with these insightful documentaries on social commentary. From political unrest to environmental action, these movies highlight the issues that our planet is now confronting. Through compelling storytelling and insightful analysis, we confront societal norms, challenge perceptions, and ignite conversations that drive meaningful change.

Cultural Exploration

Journey across continents and centuries with our captivating cultural exploration documentaries. Immerse yourself in vibrant landscapes, rich traditions, and diverse communities as we celebrate the beauty and diversity of our world.

Commercial Productions and Event Coverage

Experience the thrill of commercial productions and event coverage with our captivating films. From festivals to business events, we capture every moment with accuracy and style. Whether it’s a cultural celebration or a product launch, our documentaries bring your vision to life with elegance and sophistication.



At Sergi Studios, we believe that documentaries have the power to inform, inspire, and transform lives. Whether you’re drawn to personal narratives, social commentary, cultural exploration, commercial productions, or event coverage, our diverse collection of documentary content offers something for every viewer. Join us on a journey of discovery as we unveil the myriad facets of the human experience and explore the world through the lens of documentary filmmaking.

We personified passion!

Passion is at the heart of everything we do. At Sergi Studios, we are more than just filmmakers; we are passionate storytellers dedicated to our craft. With a deep love for storytelling and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we invest our passion and dedication into each project, guaranteeing that your documentary transcends being mere content to become a captivating masterpiece that enlightens, educates, and captivates.

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Kind Words!

Norma Lopez

"Brian helped me create a short video for my stem cell recipient! He was wonderful to work with! I had a very short deadline and he was so dedicated to helping me get this project done! The video turned out amazing! He is very talented, creative, and professional! I couldn’t be happier!!"

Mark Sullivan AG DATA Transparent

I hired Brian to capture footage from some interviews on site in Indianapolis. Having never met him but on the phone, I was trusting him to show-up, be professional, get the job done, and represent my company on site as well with the finished product. He executed on all fronts to a T! Brian was timely, had nice equipment, communicated well, and the finished product was exactly what we asked for...

Shelly's Voice

Brian helped us create multiple videos for a large announcement. He was very flexible and helped make our vision come alive!

Sergi studios

Frequently Asked Questions

Documentary videography stands out for its focus on real-life events and authentic storytelling. Unlike traditional filmmaking, I aim to capture genuine moments and compellingly present them, offering viewers an immersive experience that resonates with their lives.
When selecting a topic for a documentary, I look for subjects with personal significance or societal relevance. I seek untold stories or perspectives that engage and connect with viewers, sparking curiosity and fostering empathy.
Essential tools for filming documentaries include professional cameras, microphones for clear audio capture, lighting equipment to enhance visual quality and stabilization tools like tripods or gimbals. These tools ensure that I can capture high-quality footage that effectively communicates the story.
The production process of a documentary involves several key steps. From thorough research and planning to filming, editing, and post-production, each stage is crucial in crafting a compelling narrative that resonates with audiences.
Conducting interviews for a documentary requires building rapport with subjects, asking thoughtful questions, and actively listening to capture authentic moments. I prioritize creating a comfortable environment where interviewees feel at ease sharing their stories.
Editing plays an important role in shaping a documentary’s narrative. Through careful selection and arrangement of footage, transitions, and visual effects, I aim to create a cohesive and immersive viewing experience that effectively communicates the documentary’s message and themes.
Producing documentaries ethically and responsibly is paramount. This involves obtaining informed consent from participants, accurately representing diverse perspectives, and handling sensitive subject matter with care and sensitivity. By prioritizing transparency, integrity, and respect, I aim to create documentaries that inform, inspire, and empower audiences while upholding ethical principles.