Why You Should Hire A Professional Wedding Videographer

By Brian Sergi at SergiStudios.com


Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer & Photographer | Sergi Studios

Your wedding happens once!

Hire a professional wedding videographer and receive a keepsake your family will treasure forever!

Hire uncle Phil, and you may end up with shaky, out of focus, low resolution video with no audio. (Sorry uncle Phil)

Invest in a professional wedding videographer and have no regrets.


A professional wedding videographer shows up early, delivers the final product on time, communicates effectively, is polite, pleasant to be around, listens, produces high quality content, dresses appropriately, and works well with others.  

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer & Cinematographer


One of the main reasons you’ll want to hire a professional wedding videographer is for the training they’ve earned. I’m a Purdue graduate with over 10 years experience in broadcast television.

Professional wedding videography means more than simply pointing and shooting your smart phone. Experience, composition, focus, exposure, sound, lighting, editing, and delivery etc. are paramount.

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Experience is the best teacher.

A professional videographer has likely made lots of mistakes. Afterall, that’s often how we learn. However, an amateur will likely be making those same mistakes on your wedding day. Your videographer should be prepared for all kinds of variables and have the experience to overcome any challenges that arise.

Hiring a professional wedding videographer means hiring someone with experience in many different lighting conditions, location challenges, crowd sizes, acoustic environments, pressure situations, and more.

Sergi Studios Wedding Videography
Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer & Photographer | Sergi Studios
Sergi Studios Wedding Videography


A professional wedding videographer will have professional equipment. Professionals spend thousands on batteries, chargers, memory cards, bags, cameras, lenses, steadicams, microphones, audio recorders, lights, tripods, drones, computers, editing software, hard drives etc.

Quick tip…The first sign of an amateur videographer is poor audio quality. Imagine watching your favorite movie without sound. No bueno!

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer & Cinematographer

Multiple Angles

A professional wedding videographer will record the action with multiple cameras and offer a mix of different angles, compositions, and clip lengths. While it is possible to cover weddings with a single videographer, a team is better suited for the task.

Vendor Relationships

Professional wedding videographers have trusted relationships with staff members and vendors within the wedding industry. This means a professional videographer will likely have already communicated with your other vendors and/or already have worked with them before your wedding day. Great relationships between your vendors and your locations means a better product and a better environment for everyone.

A professional wedding videographer will know the rules of your church and/or reception location. Being familiar with your location will allow your videographer the knowledge of where some of the best shots are. Knowing where electrical outlets ahead of time is another big bonus of knowing the venue.

Sergi Studios Wedding Videography


Your wedding video will be a tangible and timeless piece of art to relive for generations. Your cake will be gone, your flowers gone, dinner and drinks gone, chair covers gone, napkins gone, but a professional wedding video will help you enjoy all of the details of your wedding day over and over again for eternity!


Mistakes can and will happen on your wedding day. A professional wedding videographer will have insurance policies valued into the millions. Medical bills are expensive and hiring an amateur videographer without basic liability insurance can cost you thousands. Protect your own sanity and hire a professional wedding videographer with insurance.

There’s a reason wedding venues require service providers to carry insurance coverage – they’re trying to reduce their own liability.

Moving Pictures With Sound

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a video worth? With a wedding video, you’ll be able to hear your spouse during your first look, the toasts, and your friend’s laughter. You’ll be able to watch your first dance, and your grandpa’s dance moves. Capturing motion and sound is priceless!

The Emotion Factor

It’s so important to hire a professional wedding videographer who will capture the raw footage of your big day and also edit it into an emotional movie that will tell the story of your wedding from start to finish. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry—it’s the closest thing to reliving your wedding day.

Easily Shareable

A professional wedding videographer can help family and friends who were unable to attend feel like they were actually there.

Your loved ones from around the globe can enjoy your favorite moments with a click of a button! Amazing!


Your wedding video is forever!

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Why You Should Hire A Professional Wedding Videographer
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