Pink Lady Apples – Produce Moms Promo

Produce Mom and Pink Lady Apples Promo

Had a blast chasing Lori’s 2 boys around the house for this fun Happy Mother’s Day promo with the Produce Mom and Pink Lady Apples!

The Produce Moms is a community of passionate fresh produce advocates with a mission to inspire everyone, especially children, to eat more fruits and vegetables. The Produce Moms educates consumers about fresh produce, introduces them to produce brands, engages the produce industry with consumers in inspiring conversations, and promotes public policy to protect and increase the availability of fresh produce at American schools. The Produce Moms ranks in the top 1% of all Pinterest pages in both followers and engagement.

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Pink Lady Apples

From the Pink Lady Website…”The Pink Lady® Brand Apple was developed over 30 years ago in Western Australia by John Cripps as a natural cross between Lady Williams and Golden Delicious. The first apple with a trademark, it has since become an international favorite and well established in thousands of retail food stores in many regions including North America. With over three million boxes grown in Washington State and around 150,000 grown in California, it is the only truly pink apple in the supermarket. Available from early December through September, it also has a distinctive sweet/tart flavor. It is excellent eaten out of hand, a great cooking apple, and is considered to be one of the best apples for slices. When buying this apple, only purchase those with the Pink Lady® Trademark on the Price Look Up (PLU) sticker which means it was packed to specific quality standards.”

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