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Wedding Videographer Availability

Do you have my date available?

A good starter question!

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Wedding Videographers

Who will be filming my event?
I only film one wedding per day therefore you’ll recieve my team’s full attention!

Make sure you know who will be videotaping your event and how many videographers you’re hiring. Some companies film more than one wedding per day and hire a crew. A “second crew” is likely less skilled than the first team and therefore it’s in your best interest to understand who will be there on your wedding day.

You’ll likely be spending lots of time together so it’s good to hire someone you can be comfortable around the entire day. I recommend meeting in person to discuss your wedding videography needs.

Professional Training

How was your videographer trained?

Did your videographer graduate from film school and receive professional training?

Learning how to operate a camera, record sound, compose a shot, focus the video, fly a drone, edit the video, etc. are just a few of the necessary skills to becoming a professional wedding videographer. I’m a Purdue grad and always learning on YouTube!

Wedding Videography Sample Videos

Ask to see a sample of what you will actually receive.

It’s easy to piece together clips from multiple weddings and create a highlight reel. Highlight clips can be deceiving. Make sure you understand what you will be receiving and see samples of it.

Wedding Videography Gear

It’s a good idea to understand what equipment your wedding videographer will be using.

Professionals will have cameras that work well in low light conditions and zoom lenses to get up close on the action.
Will your video be shot in 4K resolution? 1080? 720?

Audio Gear

Imagine trying to watch your favorite movie without sound?
Audio is half the production.

Hire a professional wedding videographer who uses professional microphones and audio gear. We want to actually be able to hear your vows right? Recording high quality audio from your speeches and interviews is very important too!

Video Format

How will your video be delivered?

Will your videographer deliver a standard definition DVD or Blu Ray DVD?  Will your video be delivered as a downloadable online link?

DVD’s are becoming less and less popular and digital delivery is becoming more common. Professional wedding videographers are now delivering your video on USB drives and/or downloadable email links. It’s important to know what format you want your final video to be delivered in.

How long have you been filming weddings?

Experience is the best teacher. The more weddings your videographer has filmed, the better your video will probably be.

A good videographer will work well with your photographer and other vendors. A professional will also be able to anticipate the action and capture the best shot!

Sergi Studios Wedding Videography

Turn-around Time

When will your wedding video be delivered?

Professional wedding videographers can sometimes take months to deliver your final product. It’s important to know when you will receive your final product. Most videographers deliver in under 4 months.


Make sure your professional wedding videographer has liability insurance. Often, venues will require your vendors to have insurance and a professional wedding videographer will have coverage into the millions.

There’s a reason wedding venues require service providers to carry insurance coverage – they’re trying to reduce their own liability.


Do your homework and call references. Also, read online reviews.

Contact me and let’s create something awesome!

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